Our project

TOWARDS A: SmartUnivercity The 21th century university!


The goal of this project is to apply smart paradigms from smart cities at university environment. Sustainability, efficiency, mobility, open data, accessibility or adaptative services are “smart”-subjects that will lead us to the SMART UniverCITY.

Cities and Universities share a common background. They are built from communities of thousands of members with different needs and backgrounds. The (smart) management of infrastructures and services are key elements to fulfill the requests and expectations of their citizens/users.

Smart concept is willing to improve the resource management and services as well as people’s lives and interactions. Therefore, universities must embrace this social change towards improved structures and internal processes.

In order to become the 21st century universities it’s mandatory for universities to apply their technology and humanistic knowledge towards to improve the experience for their community and their lives by a better governance, attention, and resource management.

This idea begins at UPC BarcelonaTech University, a prominent institution to lead the SMART univerCITY project due to its technological background and its research knowledge in smart city projects. Furthermore, Barcelona is a top world-class smart city who strength this UPC strategic research area.

SMART UniverCITY  is a new concept being developed at UPC and willing to expand to other universities for a global University change. In order to concern other university communities in our project we will host the IT STAFF Training week on May 2015 happening in Barcelona that is already involving 10 European universities, the Barcelona City Council and several prominent companies and research centres.


Join us to build the 21st century university: the SMART UniverCITY. We want to hear from you!


The Smart Univercity Team